Helping underprivileged children, in and beyond Ghana, towards a better future..

Getting the opportunity to (better) education and health whilst enjoying the game they love the most; Football

Helping underprivileged children, in and beyond Ghana, towards a better future..

Football Beyond Frontiers/ Beyond Frontiers is a foundation based in the Netherlands that provides support for underprivileged Ghanaian children in education and sports.


At this very moment, 93 boys are playing football twice a day on a dust pitch situated in Tsuibeloo, Teshie, Accra, Ghana. Also twice a day, lessons in Mathematics and English are given to the boys and their siblings by volunteers of our partner, United Through Sports, in our small class room located opposite the pitch. 93 boys who have a great passion for football but were not able to play matches in the official Accra League, because of insufficient funds. This is where the help of Holland came in; we started a new football club and registered all the boys, in the name of Football Beyond Frontiers (FBF) in Osu, Accra. We have three teams, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17.


Our aim is to realize dreams of others, dreams for a better future; with good schooling, healthcare and sports. Helping them to grow strong and break out of the dangerous life in the slums. We aim to have our own academy, our own complex; with enough class rooms, dorms and our own pitches. Giving scholarships to children who excel in sports or in learning. Attract local people to the program, those who have been cheering every match, to create job/placement opportunities such as teachers, coaches or support staff; to help them in their development as well. To find coaches and teachers from beyond Ghana, who will work for us and share their excellence.


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